As seen on series 2, George Clarks Amazing Spaces on Channel 4.

G.l.o.r.i.a is a 7.5 tonne horse box converted into a unique mobile shop, self sufficient in lighting and heating via solar power, converted using almost nothing but recycled materials 'wombled' from skips, recycling plants, Freecycle, and from what existed inside already, re used in another capacity.

An anonymous looking black box that explodes into colour as soon as the ramps and doors are opened, creating a mobile dressing-up box full of one off unique and collectable items.

Stock is constantly renewed and replenished in leu of whatever events I arrive at, be it flowery feathery festival garb for the summer season or classic high end bespoke items for events like Goodwood Revival. I stock fashion led budget items and toned down neutral design classics for lower key events. It can be geared to any event. I can turn up be ready within seconds

I am also happy to bring the shop to clients homes. This is home-shopping on another level!

Also available for private parties, exhibitions, as a gallery space and other events, please just ask and I'll see what I can offer.

The unit dimensions can be variable depending on what space is available. 

"Wild card up my sleeve ...........I got this crazy feeling" G.L.O.R.I.A by Patti Smith